Excellence in Education

Yorba Linda Montessori

“The most important period of life is not the age of University studies but the first one, the period from birth to age six."
  • Dr. Maria Montessori
7550 Yorba Linda Blvd
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
(714) 528-0831
Academic Programs
Our goals are:
• To stimulate children to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically towards their full potential

• To allow children the freedom to learn at their own pace in atmosphere of respect and understanding of individual differences
• To encourage children to experience the joy of learning and the intrinsic satisfaction that comes with mastery of concepts and fundamental skills through creative use of attractive, self-correcting materials and activities

• To capitalize on their natural curiosity and guide their energies to enhance their sensory-motor and perceptual skills, language ability, creativity, social development by caring, well trained staff.